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Helge Lien Trio
Ozella OZ070CD ****
(four out of five stars)

Helge Lien is one of Norway’s most accomplished pianists, stylistically broad, as he showed during his period as Silje Nergaard’s accompanist, he brought a personal vision into sharp focus with 2008’s Hello Troll and its follow up, 2010’s Natsukashii with Berg on bass and Knut Aalefjær on drums. Continue reading “Jazzwise magazine (UK) | Guzuguzu”

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Helge Lien Trio

PLATE: Helge Lien Trios niende album er en åpenbaring av sterke låter og strålende formidling.

Tre år er gått siden utgivelsen av fin-fine «Badgers and Other Beings», Helge Lien Trios åttende album, og det første med Per Oddvar Johansen som trommeslager. På aprilferske «Guzuguzu» består bandet stadig av pianist og komponist Lien, kontrabassist Frode Berg og nevnte Johansen, og nok en gang signerer de en formidabel leveranse der både hver enkelt melodi og albumets musikkdramaturgiske helhet bæres fram av kreativitet og ferdigheter på skyhøyt nivå. Continue reading “jazzinorge.no | Guzuguzu”

New CD with Adam Baldych & Helge Lien Trio

We’re happy to announce the release of our latest project, a collaboration with the fantastic polish violin player Adam Baldych. The CD “Bridges” will be released on ACT Music in August 2015. Adam has written some great music specifically for this project. Watch out for tour dates!

Adam Baldych in the Hansa Studio, Berlin

photo © Helge Lien

Helge Lien Trio in Romania!

Last time the trio played in Romania was in 2009 at the Garana Jazz Festival. That concert was quite special, it was supposed to start at 12 pm, but just when we were about to start, it started raining an thundering! A LOT!  Most of the audience left of course, but there was still many people who stayed, waiting, and occasionally sharing and clapping. We waited almost two hours, and in the end we played a small almost acoustic concert for those hard core fans who refused to run away from the weather. That was a night we’ll never forget. This time we’ll stay inside, the concert will take place in the Elvira Popescu Hall at the French Institute, Bucharest, on the 24th of January. Can’t wait!