New single – new band!

On May 22 we will release a new single, NIPA REVISITED, with a brand new line up! Knut Aalefjær is back on drums after seven years, and master bassist Johannes Eick is joining in. It is very exiting times indeed, looking forward to presenting more news in the year to come.
While waiting for NIPA, feel free to check out our full catalogue on SPOTIFY!

One thought on “New single – new band!

  1. Nipa Revisited: This wonderful composition has been reimagined and taken to another level!

    The return of Knut Aalefjaer (drums) and the addition of Johannes Eick (bass) makes the latest iteration of the Helge Lien Trio a driving force in defining Scandinavian jazz!

    Looking forward to the next project!

    Kevin Bennett Goolsby
    Mr. G @ “For the Love of All Things Jazz Richmond, VA”

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